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Factories or ct registration?

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Ever had one of those designs in which you can go one of several different ways and still reach the same result? Each way of course has it''s own little nicities, but nothing profound? Here''s mine: I have an object XMLParser which creates a tree of type XMLEntity. This class is nothing more than an interface for several other classes, XMLTag, XMLData, XMLComment...(yes, I like XML). I would like to provide customisation for the parser by altering these classes and not the parser itself. I think this can be done one of two ways: 1. The XMLEntity could have a virtual static method used to contruct new objects of itself. This function would be "registered" via pointer in the Parser object for each type (Tag, Data, Comment...). In this way, one can register a different static constructor to modify the default behavior of that class. 2. Several virtual build...() functions are be part of XMLParser. These functions construct a new object of that type. You would subclass XMLParser to customize. Another thouoght is to use the factory pattern and pass new factories to the XMLParser, a bit cleaner than both but I would really like to see what everyone thinks being that this may be a Object-oriented alternative to Expat. -Solstice "...I was given three choices, the earth, the stars, or..."

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