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HELP! Need URGENT help with Directx SDK,DirectAnimation

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I ran into one hell of a problem with my project: I was happily going about laying out a forward kinematics jointed animation system, when I discovered this: 1-Directx (in it''s java-script form as DirectAnimation) can''t manipulate a model''s vertex and point values, and it can''t read the Retained Mode keyframe animations from an X file. That means I can''t get the position values of a vertex of one limb(eg:thigh) and use it as the position of another limb(eg:lower leg) YIKES! 2-I read the help desperately in search of a solution, and found that if I program my animations in a DirectAnimation Transform activeX control(Transform is like an extension of DirectAnimation which allows Direct3D Retained Mode functions to be used in the form of activeX controls to your main html file. ActiveX controls are like plugins for your browser eg: the control that allows you to read Word files on the browser) I can use the functions available in Direct3DRM. Feeling somewhat relieved, I dust off my Visual C++ 5.0 CD install it and open up a sample project from the DXMedia SDK. I remember to include the LIB and INCLUDE directories and press run and what do I get but a 102 errors?!! Now I''m really stuck I think I might have forgotten how to set up the DirectX SDK so if someone can show me all the steps I''d appreciate it. Or you can just solve the riddle of the animation without vertex functions! By the way, this is my project:

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