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is this companay any good?

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We were also approached by Xtreme about a month ago. They answered all our questions and were quick to reply. I also did a search across the net on them and didn''t find anything bad said about them.

The only reservation we had was that they would put our game on a CD which contained another 3-12 games. This would mean that royalties would have to be split between the number of authors who had a game on the same CD.


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You should understand though that XTreme is basically acting as an agent - they are NOT a publisher like you may think.

They buy the non exclusive rights of a lot of games and then sell the lot to a publisher.

XTreme pays you a set amount of the money they get from that publisher. So they are actually a middleman. You should not go this way if you can sell directly to a publisher, even a budget publisher because you will get much less through the XTreme deal. Usually agents get 10 percent; I think XTreme takes at least 50%, maybe more.

Basically anyone who has a publishing contact can do this; granted, having a contact is worth something, but 50% or so of the profits for just including one of what, 12+ games is taking it a bit far if you ask me. In the end, what you're doing is giving them 50% even though they didn't write a single line of your game plus they're not even the actual publisher. If this is worth it is up to you.

hope this helps,


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Guest Anonymous Poster
I think XG gets the rights to all sequals to, right? [remember reading that]

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