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Mike Hense

I Just Wanna Say THANKS!!!

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Tons of tutorials... VB, VC++, MACintosh... Someone brand new to OpenGL never had it so good I just wanna let the people who generously posted their stuff... the demos, their code, the tutorials (especially the tutorials) how grateful I am for helping a thoroughly confused and frustrated keypounder to finally see some daylight, and get a grasp on what OpenGL coding is all about. This is not to say I''m ready to pound out the next Quake or UnReal Tourny, but I''m on my way to putting together a group of routines that''ll help me do some common coding of a sub sim for both Win and MacOS using VB (Win) and Real Basic (Mac) and targeting OpenGL as the graphics platform. There are some really good 3d rad tools out there, but I really felt that I was loosing my programming edge by using them, and although I may run back to em from time to time, I''m gonna try to put this thing together. I don''t know how far I''ll get with this, but one thing I''m sure of, without the work of the contributors here, I wouldn''t have even gotten started. THANKS again... --Mike

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