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Minimum for a 3d Engine

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HI al i am trying to wite a basic 3d engine, it hasn't to by something special just load a map and display it, if possible move the camera. i am writing this without any api (all by my own ) and now i am stopped at the point where i can put pixels and lines to a window. Now my question is what is the minimum for the sort of 3d engine mentioned above i mean do i have to do. also some sugestions about the fileformat that i should use (it have to be very simple basic) also in which order do i have to write the engine. i hope u understand what i mean. [sorry for my bad english] thx in advance. ----------------------------------------------------------- /*================================== Close the world , txEn eht nepO ==================================*/ [edited by - nironics on April 18, 2002 5:27:40 PM]

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Nice for a first engine :

- Use of Direct Draw surfaces (double or triple buffering)
- Graphical routines (wireframed, filled, textured, gourauded tris)
- Mathematical classes or structures (Matrices, vectors, planes...)
- 2D clipping with cohen-sutherland regions algorithm
- 3D clipping with Z-Buffering
- ASE (Models) file loading (with a parser)
- BMP or TGA (Textures) file loading (with a parser)
- Camera (should use quaternions)

[edited by - Bloodscourge on April 18, 2002 6:35:24 PM]

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also, it''s probably best to first do a 3d cube. trying to go, from scratch, and make an entire landscape engine (or map engine - not much difference) in one go is quite a difficult task. Try rendering a cube first (by hardcoding the vertices). Once you''ve done this, you can then adapt your code to load objects. From here, you can then go onto loading a map.

Why objects? well they are quite small, and you don''t have to worry about the complexities of an entire map.

hope that helps - and have fun!

All done with Cash:


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So you know, the book "Tricks of the Windows Game Programming Guru" includes the entire source to a engine, very similar to what has been described if I remember correctly...

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thx for all response

i coded some basic structures and displayed some filled polygons.
i think i am on the right way .

btw i dont want to use API''S

i think i combine all the points mentoned above and try to find a way to accomplisch my wisch of an API independent Engine.

@masterg:never heard of it.

but i try my luck at Amazone.com

anyway thx for posts

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