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Dev-C++ 4.0, and a dialog resource problem

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I''ve been learning Win32 programming from Petzold''s Programming Windows, but I''ve hit a snag with one of the examples. Here is the first few lines of a dialog resource in my Rsrc.rc:
  HexCalc DIALOG 1, 1, 102, 122
  CLASS "HexCalc"
  CAPTION "Hex Calculator"
     PUSHBUTTON "D",       68,  8,  24, 14, 14
I get a parse error on line 3. Near as I can tell, it''s all right, and I''m not sure where to look for info on the CLASS keyword. Any ideas what might be causing that? Thanks for your help. Chris Barry (crbarry at mts.net) My Personal Programming Depot

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Original post by Puzzler183
What language?

I think it's pretty well stated that it's a Win32 resource file. Edit: I don't personally know the answer (I haven't touched a Win32 resource file for at least a year), I'm just answering sub-questions.

[edited by - Null and Void on April 18, 2002 12:01:13 AM]

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If you don''t have a resource.h file then don''t worry about it.

But if you see anywhere in your source the following:


Then chances are that the program needs a resource.h file to resolve the string names into integers. Otherwise if don''t want to use a resource.h file, then anywhere you see MAKEINTRESOURCE, delete it, and just use the string itself.

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I''ve mucked about with resource files for a couple of years now (thanks to lcc-win32 ), and for the life of me, I''ve never come across a CLASS identifier. Have you tried removing it?

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