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MSVC 6.0 sp5 question -

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For some reason, when I am using STL and sometimes pointers the automatic ''what are the members of this class/struct/template'' feature seems to crap out and not recognize the object type - as idicated by not displaying a list. The first few times I thought I had done something wrong, but after compiling, running, and stepping through the code it is as I intended it. So the feature is not doing it''s job. I did #define the STL types to avoid needing the ''std::'' in the declarations but being explicit didn''t change anything either. Anybody else seeing this and know how to correct it? Thanks in advance - #dth-0

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This is due to a bug in the IDE. Quit MSVC and delete all temporary files of your project:
*.aps, *.clw, *.ncb, *.opt, *.plg; delete the Debug and Release directories.
The IDE will re-create these files, except the *.clw. To get this file back, open the class wizard. It will complain that the *.clw file is gone, and ask whether to rebuild it. By default, all files belonging to the project are already selected. Just click OK.
Rebuild all.


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hmm - well it brought some of it back but the STL stuff still seems to be hosed. I''ll play with it some more in case I missed something.

Thanks for the help -


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