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Framerate - is this OK?

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i was wondering if someone could take a minute and check out this great site here and more precisely download/run this LOD demo here or get the source code for it here and edit it a little to show the framerate. since i''m currently unable to upload my project anywhere, i can''t give out the executable built on this example. i would, however, appreciate if someone took the time and replied their fps along with their system stats . if no one has the time for messing around that much, then i''d like to know what a decent fps would be on a 256x256 textured height field with lod level set to 64 (key ''4'' in the abovementioned demo) and no frustum culling. i''m getting 45-55 on my AthlonXP 1600/RIVA TNT 2 Ultra gpu with the majority of time spent on drawing the quadtree (fps = 500-600 without rendering the height field). now what i''m not sure of is whether it is the code that is unoptimized/no good or is it my gpu which, indeed, is quite slow... crispy

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