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Threads and AI

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I have to evaluate AI in a specific time frame. It is quite similar to chess programs that can be forced to make a move, where they will pick the best move they have thought of yet. Problem is, I''m not sure how to do this. I thought about using threads, but I''m not very familiar with them yet. I need to create a thread that will be killed after a hundredth of a second. Is this possible, or are Windows timer functions too imprecise for this? Cédric

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No, that''s not what you want to do. Creating and destroying threads takes time and resources.

You want to create a thread, and have it response to either messages or events that tell it to start figuring out a move. You also need to tell it how long to take searching, and while searching you maintain the current-best move. Every once in a while, you check the elapsed time, and if it exceeds the time limit, you stop searching and return the current-best, and go back to a sleep state.

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Ok, but it''s kind of hard for me to check if the time has been elapsed inside my AI instructions. I''m trying to create a "random" AI; one that reads random instructions. That''s why being able to kill the thread if it hasn''t returned is important; otherwise, I might get into an infinite loop. I''ll see what I can do.



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