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ji yan

Palette in D3D??

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Does anyone know how to specify a pallete for a real-time rendering texture I am working on?

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It''s in the SDK documentation!!:



DirectX 8.1 (C++) ->
DirectX Graphics ->
Programmers Guide ->
Using Direct3D ->
Textures ->
Basic Texturing Concepts ->
Texture Palettes

Simon O''Connor
Creative Asylum Ltd

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I turned to the doc as you directed, and tried to set up my own pallete. Here is the code I used:

PALETTEENTRY m_mypal[256];
int index = 0;
for(index; index < 256; index++)
m_mypal[index].peRed = 100;
m_mypal[index].peGreen = 100;
m_mypal[index].peBlue = 100;
m_mypal[index].peFlags = 1;

if(FAILED(m_pd3dDevice->SetPaletteEntries(16381 ,m_mypal)))
return E_FAIL;

I dunno why the call, m_pd3dDevice->SetPaletteEntries(16381 ,m_mypal) always resulted in a value of E_FAIL. I can''t find anything wrong with this code. And, I have enabled the alpha capability as exactly what doc instructs.

Like this: m_d3dCaps.TextureCaps = D3DPTEXTURECAPS_ALPHAPALETTE;

Can anyone tell me why this code failed???

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