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yes i got a problem with the velocity vector of my camera when i make a rotation i use this code to give another orientation to to my velocity: velocity.z:=(sin(dir)*velocity.x+cos(dir)*velocity.z); velocity.x:=(cos(dir)*velocity.x-sin(dir)*velocity.z); have to knox that i''m doing a tomraider like view: so my player is always in front of me. the problem is that when i turn a lot this velocity vector tend to 0. and i don''t anderstands why. at the end i can''t not move again. all is here Tcamera = class position:Tvector; velocity:Tvector; view:Tvector; upvector:Tvector; rayon:glfloat; constructor Create; procedure positioncamera(posx:glfloat;posy:glfloat;posz:glfloat;viewx:glfloat; viewy:glfloat;viewz:glfloat;upx:glfloat;upy:glfloat;upz:glfloat); procedure mov(speed:glfloat); procedure rotate(dir:glfloat); procedure rotatearound(joueur:Tvector;dir:glfloat); end; implementation constructor Tcamera.Create; begin inherited Create; with position do begin x:=0; y:=0; z:=0; end; with view do begin x:=0; y:=1.0; z:=0.5; end; with upvector do begin x:=0; y:=1; z:=0; end; rayon:=5; with velocity do begin x:=0; y:=0; z:=-2; end; end; procedure Tcamera.positioncamera(posx:glfloat;posy:glfloat;posz:glfloat;viewx:glfloat; viewy:glfloat;viewz:glfloat;upx:glfloat;upy:glfloat;upz:glfloat); begin with position do begin x:=posx; y:=posy; z:=posz; end; with view do begin x:=viewx; y:=viewy; z:=viewz; end; with upvector do begin x:=upx; y:=upy; z:=upz; end; end; procedure; begin position.x:=position.x+velocity.x*speed; position.z:=position.z+velocity.z*speed; view.x:=view.x+velocity.x*speed; view.z:=view.z+velocity.z*speed; end; procedure Tcamera.rotatearound(joueur:Tvector;dir:glfloat); var aux:Tvector; begin with aux do begin x:=position.x-joueur.x; z:=position.z-joueur.z; end; position.z:=(joueur.z+sin(dir)*aux.x+cos(dir)*aux.z); position.x:=(joueur.x+cos(dir)*aux.x-sin(dir)*aux.z); velocity.z:=(sin(dir)*velocity.x+cos(dir)*velocity.z); velocity.x:=(cos(dir)*velocity.x-sin(dir)*velocity.z); velocity.y:=velocity.y; end; procedure Tcamera.rotate(dir:glfloat); var aux:Tvector; begin with aux do begin x:=view.x-position.x; y:=view.y-position.y; z:=view.z-position.z; end; view.z:=(position.z+sin(dir)*aux.x+cos(dir)*aux.z); view.x:=(position.x+cos(dir)*aux.x-sin(dir)*aux.z); velocity.z:=(sin(dir)*velocity.x)+(cos(dir)*velocity.z); velocity.x:=(cos(dir)*velocity.x)-(sin(dir)*velocity.z); end; end. so if you have another solution for rotation give it to me the thing is that i want to have my velocity vector oriented in the good direction after doing a rotation. please if someone can give me an exemple of code it would illustrate waht you say more love and peace

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