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I''m working on a strategy-game and would like to do something very new. I have no resources to gather and build units, but so called Hit-points. That means every unit have points you get when you destroy this unit. Please tell me, if you like that idea or should I better build in resources?

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I see a problem with this. Once you lose a squad of units, you now not only have lost units, but they have also gained points, doubling their advantage. And you have no way to get those back without facing their army that is now 2 squads (after they use the points to build a new squad) bigger.

But this would be extremely interesting. You could have different races of people: they could start out iwth different numbers of points, different build speeds, and different unit hit points.

Or, if everyone is the same, it would be all about tactics. For example, once they had the upper hand, they would probably cluster their whole army together so you would take more casualties than you could kill. Then you woud have to do a diversionary attack on there front lines, and send some units around the back to kill their building to allow you to build more untis. If they sent units to kill your units in back, it would relieve pressure on the front and the front would become the real attack while their troops are diverted. You could possibly ain troop advantage in the front and kill there entire army and build a new army from those points.

It would make for a very interesting game although there should be a way to gather a limited number of those points so your opponent would have a chance to make a good comeback in the above situation. You could further complicate things by a system to give points to your enemy in order to heal your units.

If you do make as freeware, email it to me at puzzer183@hotmail.com!

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