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Is Matrix Interpolation bad? (X-files, and other formats)

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When doing skinned animations, you generally have several key rotations and translations. Depending on the time, you calculate intermediate values, thus producing the animations themselves. However, most X file formats only give animation keys in Matrix forms. The DX SDK handles these by not calculating (interpolating) positions between them. This in turn produces animations much like the MD2(Quake) format (with less memory usage of course). What does this mean? If you only had 3 positions over a course of one second, then your animation will be pretty rough. My question is, is there anything wrong with using matrices (which have a combined state of Scale, Rotation and Transformation) as key frames, and interpolating between them?

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Interpolating the coefficients in a matrix is B.A.D.

Here''s a reference for figuring out how to break down a transformation matrix into PRS (position-rotation-scale) components which you can then perform a LERP on and piece it back together.

The Matrix and Quaternions FAQ

P.S. Note that the FAQ is using RH coordinate system and DirectX by default uses a LH coordinate system. So transpose the matrices before applying the FAQ stuff.

P.P.S. If you''re using quaternions, remember to normalize them!


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