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New DirectX tutorial sites

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I have a proposal for a community run tutorial site that I think would be very interesting, and rewarding, to create. Please please pretty please go see it (another thread on these forums). Read it, discuss it, tell me what you think. The proposal is my second post in the thread, so you might have to scroll a small amount to get to it, just to warn you. [edited by - Zaphos on April 20, 2002 1:40:45 PM]

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There seems to be some significant interest in this project; it looks like it will definitely fly. If you think you can help with any of it, please email me at z_zaphos@hotmail.com , or post a reply or mention it on the Yahoo! Group that I just started (here).

What we need now:
1) Site layout
2) Site name
3) Tutorial layout
4) Tutorial format
5) Site webcode (php, perl, whatever, should support dynamic content, log-ins, tutorial submission and review functions, etc)
6) Code format (naming system, tab usage, classes or no classes, etc)
7) Basecode format
8) Tutorial plans (ie, what tutorials should be created, what order should they be presented in, what details should be given, etc).
9) Anything else you think might help


[edited by - Zaphos on April 20, 2002 6:58:42 PM]

[edited by - Zaphos on April 20, 2002 6:59:20 PM]

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Hey, it was me, tuxx, until I ran. Now, anyways, for the tutorial format, I would think that it'd be a good idea to have it so that you describe the next up function or block of code, link to MSDN library for more info on params and stuff, and then have the code (sorta like Nehe). Except I would think that you shouldn't want to design a class and stuff to encapsulate that stuff, because if you want the person to learn, and not copy (*cough* a person: I didn't copy *cough*), have them make their own class. Or maybe you could suggest some ideas about how you think they should construct their game. Because in AndyPike, I had a good thing running (classes and all), until he made a class CGame and CCube. That's just my two cents though (I'm sure the government can give you a little more though; just pay your taxes!)

Mr. P

[edited by - Mr President on April 20, 2002 9:13:59 PM]

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Just a note: The most active discussion of the details of the group are happening here, and if you are interested in having a voice in the project, I strongly suggest that the best way to do it is to join. If you don''t want to join, of course, you can still e-mail me at z_zaphos@hotmail.com or post here, but that will be less effective.

I really like the MSDN link idea, and the code block description was something of a given in my view.

But right now I think the best way to go about the whole "organizational class" idea is to have two projects, developed in tandem, but with priority to the tutorials. The other project would be an engine / library that organizes and places into highly modular classes the functionality of the tutorial code.

I do not agree that we should remove features of the site simply because it does not force a person to learn the internals of DX9. This is a tutorial site, not a classroom; the goal is to aid development, not shove knowledge down throats.

That''s only my opinion however, and all this is completely open to debate.

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