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Not that good at math...

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Heya, I''m new here, so hi! I hope I''ll learn a lot here... Second: how good do you have to be at math if you want to be a decent coder? I''m not exactly a fast student when it comes to math, but do I really have to be in order for me to code well? I know it''s a great help if you''re good at math, but isn''t perseverence and practice a good attitude when trying to code? In other words: can everyone, who can think logically(which I can), become a coder? Thanks!

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Well, ofcourse math is very useful (I''m gonna study maths next academic year :p) but you''ll learn a lot just by using it.
Thinking logically is far more important than math. And you''ll see your skills will advance.
School-maths are also different of maths you use coding 3d/2d/other stuff.

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To have knowledge is well, but to know how everything is inter-connected is better! Mathematics are a powerful tool and are firstly axioms and lemmas, with which people can prove theorems and formulas, that can be applied to real problems. Thus, you should study maths but do it well!

quality before quantity...

(The answer to your question is YES for a programmer but NOT REALLY for a game (especially 3D) programmer)

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