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I dont know why my Camera class is not working the numbers outpus are correct but the movements on screen dont match up when i rotate the camera by 180 degrees the moveforward would make me go backward, and infact all the controls are reversed, its like the more i rotate off the orignal direction the more off is the movement vectors until like i said 180 which causes everything to reverse, Does anyone have ever had this problem? does is have anything to do with the way D3D builds the view transformation???

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Actually, what it seems like you forgot is that the x, and y coords do not move with your camera. I actually had this problem before, and here's how I solved it:

//CENTER_(etc) - In my program, the main character
//X/Y - Variables which control the rotation on the X/Y axis
//Zoom - The zoom variable
//sin(), and cos() require including , you can look them up on microsoft's MSDN

D3DXMatrixLookAtLH( &matView,
&D3DXVECTOR3( sin(Y)*(Zoom-(Zoom*X))+CENTER_X, X*Zoom, cos(Y)*(Zoom-(Zoom*X))+CENTER_Z ),
&D3DXVECTOR3( 0, 1, 0 ) );
m_pd3dDevice->SetTransform( D3DTS_VIEW, &matView );

Btw, I swapped my 'z' coord with my 'y'.

[edited by - hello2k1 on April 28, 2002 11:05:04 PM]

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