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DX Window + Text Output

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Hi, I am creating a small tamagotchi style program in a window. At first I started off simply creating a normal window, but when I came to the input section thought I might be better off using DirectInput, so then thought, why not throw graphics in there as well! Can''t hurt after all. So I know have my window created, have initialised everything, have my little window... How do I output text using DirectX8?? Firstly, I want to use DX8, I don''t wanna use SDL.. because this is a practice for me in programming and using DX. Secondly, I know DX8 will have the functionality of DX7 in there..but I presume it is wrong to use older functions when you have newer ones available. I have looked at the documentation, and have not found anything to do with outputting text in a windowed app.. What I would appreciate is some guidance to what I should look at, some sample code would be appreciated.. I don''t really wanna use wrappers just yet, I am still finding my feet in the entire DX stuff, and would like to know I can write the lower stuff. Thank-you for your time, and I hope i haven''t been too dumb.. Oh, btw I use Visual C++ to create my programs (Thought would help being that I am asking for sample code)

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