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Are you a game programmer?

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Martin, you're new here. I saw three of your recent posts, and, let me tell you: you're getting nowhere like that.

Go to the forum "For Beginners", and post questions like this one. Go to the forum "GDNet Lounge" if you want to talk about non-related things. Go to the forum "Help wanted" if you are seeking for a team. But, most important of all, read the FAQ and the other resources for beginners.

So, wellcome on GameDev, and good luck.

Forever trusting who we are
And nothing else matters
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I started two month's ago and I'm doing fine:

1st: Choose a language(programming-language)
Uhm.....forget this, you'll just learn C++...

2nd: Get a compiler
I don't think you know what that is but you will soon,
get Dev-C++ 4.0, or better ofcourse.

3rd: Get some online tutorials or ebooks
You don't know a bit of programming but you're starting.
Search Google or something to find lessons about C++.

4th: Don't think you'll be there in a day
I can tell you I am just a bit better then you!
To learn everything you will definetly need a few years!

tip: Don't start with DirectX yet.................

Can someone be nice and help me on my way to be the next Hideo Kojima?
Thought So...

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