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Getting my demo to employers

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My demo game isn''t quite finished and sits at around 100 megs right now. I know this isn''t too big nowadays, but I am still using a local ISP who allots like 15 megs per customer or something. So my options are either setting up my own server (not going to happen right now) or physically mailing CD''s to employers. Is this an okay thing to do? Should I have a link on my website where they can fill out where they want the CD sent to, or just send it to people I want to work only as I''m applying?

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I attended a lecture by codemasters and i asked the same question. They said they pay more attention to actual post over email so a demo CD would get more attention than just emailing a link.

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Guest Anonymous Poster
I can vouch for that. In 1996 I sent a shareware game I wrote to Codemasters by post (nicely packaged, only 300k install file on one floppy).

A month later, I got no reply. So I emailed them asking what had happened.

A month later, I got no reply. I emailed again asking politely whether there had been any mistakes.

2 weeks later, I got no reply. I was very annoyed and sent another email which happened to call them "unprofessional".

Guess what!?! I got a reply It basically said stop being lazy contacting them via email and send them something through the post.

I ended the correspondance and have since then never liked Codemasters.

So, depending upon who you send it to, you may get a reply, it may get thrown in the bin. You can never tell. Some developers are amazingly helpful (e.g. Shiny) and some can''t seem to understand that treating prospective developers with some respect is actually a worthwhile investment.

Shortened version of my rant: Send the CD to those who you want to work for

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take a look at

(unlimited web traffic)


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1. Phone them and find out the name of the person who deals with submissions.

2. Post a copy addressed to them by name.

3. Don't hold your breath while waiting for a reply

Good luck and just keep trying is the best advice I can give you.

Oh and maybe read this too....


Dan Marchant
Obscure Productions

[edited by - obscure on April 30, 2002 6:11:58 AM]

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