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Disable warnings in VC++6.0

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I'm having trouble with the wellknown C4786 warning in VC++. I might have found a way to eliminate it without #pragma. According to this page:
Disables the specified compiler warning where n is the compiler warning number. 
For example, /wd4326 disables compiler warning C4326.
I tried adding /wd4786 to Project/Settings/C++/Project Options. Didn't work. Then I tried add it to the Project/Settings/Link/Project Options. Didn't work. So where do i set this /wd4786 in VC++ 6.0 if possible ? Btw.. I tried adding the #pragma warning(disable : 4876) at the top of every .cpp and .h file in the project. Still 4 warnings were issued. [edited by - qqos on April 29, 2002 12:32:54 PM]

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