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GL Light and multitexturing

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I''ve written a simple program that does alphablending via ARB_multitexture. It works correctly, but I when i enable light only one texture is corrected (unlighted...) my code looks like : texture0 combine RGB func : modulate sourceRGB 0 : texture operandRGB 0 : src_color combine alpha func : replace sourceAlpha 0 : texture operandAlpha 0 : src_alpha texture1 combine RGB func : interpolate sourceRGB 0 : texture operandRGB 0 : src_color sourceRGB 1 : previous operandRGB 1 : src color sourceRGB 2 : previous operandRGB 2 : src_alpha when i enable light on such a scene only texture0 receive light. How could I make that texture1 receive it too ? (and all this in one pass...)

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