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void** == any type?

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I believe void** is a pointer to a pointer of any type.

These are mostly used as return values so that the function called can return any type.

None of this is definitive of course. Just what I see when I use them.

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void ** is a pointer to a pointer. Period. To prevent bias towards particular interpretation, it is a void pointer, but since all pointers are pointers, it''s largely syntactic sugar.

You can (and often do/must) cast a pointer from one type to another to obtain the desired semantics. void pointers are also useful for writing functions that must accept pointer addresses to a variety of structures (like almost all Win32 functions seem to do - except they boneheadedly use long pointers instead).

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Thanks to Kylotan for the idea!

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IIRC, long pointers are left over from the 16-bit days when they had 16-bit pointers(near pointers or just pointers) and 32-bit pointers(far pointers or long pointers).

BASIC programmers don''t die, they just GOSUB and don''t return.

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