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So what do you all think of the entries??

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I'm downloading them alphebetically and watching them all, and so far, very impressive. One of them seemed to not run right, but I'm only on the 5th one. Please, everyone post what they think, I plan on posting my impressions of each demo after I get them all, probably tomorrow. Great work everyone!! -Flecko EDIT: I noticed not all of them are posted, so I guess it will have to wait until tomorrow. Best of luck all! Never use your hand as a hammer or you''ll just end up hurting it like you did when you told it you had a girlfriend. [edited by - Flecko on April 30, 2002 1:52:09 AM]

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A few rings going around in circles got slightly boring. Now Valdemar Rorbech wrote an awesome demo. Its light hearted and actually fun to watch!

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Well, I finally got them all, took forever, and in my ratings, I have 2 very good entries, (daniel_schaeppi, and george_ziniewicz) then some good entries (about 6), and lots of lets say hmm.. (mum said if I don''t have something good to say..) um.. well, they fall into either boring, really boring, plain, really plain, or zzzzzzzzzzzz The one that really put me to sleep, was the one with the map and the red dots... I kept waiting for some action, but TEXT?? Ack! This isn''t the 80''s?

Oh, and a few of them didn''t work, so I don''t know if they are good or not. (bruno_loff, kristoffer_boman, vincent_david) are the ones that either crashed, or had some real problems.

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Ok, I stand corrected. (Mind you I have a 1GHz machine, and staring at 640x480 desktop for that long, I just assumed it crashed before I killed the process. OOps.

Oh yeah, someone else started a thread with basically the same topic name, only more oooo''s.

Lets keep it in one thread!

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I loaded all 46, viewed them, and divided them up:

very nice: 8 (not in order: zaprjagaev,schaeppi,ilmola,ravnikar,elcott,kumar,rorbech & mine (thank you Clancy))
good: 10
ok: 16
crashed: 12 (many HARD crashes requiring a power-cycle)
(1 gig athlon/geforce2/win98)

Overall there were many great ideas, I laughed alot (a good kind of laugh, I like surprises and wit) and was impressed overall. Best contest ever (I''ve been part of 30+ the past year or 2.)

There is much I can learn from these entries, and I appreciate the work people put in to them. Thanks yall!

And I know I had alot of fun, and learned alot doing mine: 1st time multitexturing/my own cylinders&torii/my first demo (multi-scene & music synched), godrays, 4th texcoord manipulations (lava), 1st time using my camera-script recorder/player class...

Next?! (actually some down-time is good so I can incorporate what I''ve learned into my framework)

I hope people got a chance to try my interactive sliders, you can adjust about 50 params, and edit many objects (like put any loaded texture at any scale and scroll on the columns!)

zin - 3d graphics & more or less

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What happened to the other "what do you think of the entries" thread? I posted comments on the first nine demos a few hours ago and now it''s disappeared - I hope it wasn''t something I said!

If the other thread was deleted due to something I said in my post - please don''t delete this thread as well, just delete this post and let me know what it was I said that wasn''t appropriate.

Anyway, here''s part two of my demo critique - If anyone didn''t see the first part - A) these are only my opinions and B) if anyone wants to get their own back feel free to post comments/criticisms of my own demo.
Daniel Schaeppi
Very nice opening scene
Great text effect
Gandalf''s shadow seemed to pendulum a bit - I think this was deliberate, but it looked a bit odd
Another strong entry.

Flavien Brebion
All the scenes were very well done
I though maybe the candle could have done with some ambient light - to cut down the strobe effect from the flickering flame
I loved the rain and lightning in the orthanc scene
My only complaint would be that I felt you spent too much time on each scene - I know you had a lot to show off, but they felt like they dragged by a bit, especially when the moth appeared.
A very strong entry.

George Ziniewicz
Lava just didn''t quite look right
What on (middle-)earth was the Mona Lisa doing being reflected in the ring?!?!
I liked the scene change effects
Your Rivendell scene didn''t really look like Rivendell to me
The 3 way split in Moria was very nice
Palantir was good
Your underwater scene didn''t look much like underwater to me
The whole thing seemed to go on a bit long
Very good demo, but not the best (in my opinion).

Graeme Harris
Simple but effective
I thought it was a pity you didn''t enable any lighting on the ring
Would have been nice if the demo had faded out (audio & visuals) instead of just cutting

Graham Aldridge
Very effective
Nice range of scenes
Ring bouncing was very nice
The blizzard looked a bit odd
The eye at the very end was a very nice touch

Henrique Tavares Alves
I love this! It''s great.
Not going to win any prizes, but it''s a nice break from all the other "serious" entries
Sound went odd in the ring coming out of the river scene

Hugh Sanderson
Would have been nice if there was a texture on the eye particles
Models were good

Ildar Sagdejev
Nice idea
Would have been nice if the camera had moved round the trees instead of straight through them
Probably would have benefited from the trees having a bottom to the cone.

Jesper Ek
Not too much you can say about this one
The different text effects were very nice
The ring was well done

...last in our own social hierarchy, when we...

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I was just waiting for the Mona comment! }B^)

Nice job of critiqueing, all feedback is constructive, thanks Enigma.

zin - 3d graphics & more or less

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I think I''d have to pick Graham Aldridge''s entry for best of show. In my opinion(keep this in mind) it had the best overall atmosphere and kept to the spirit of the Tolkien Universe. A very effective demo with the combination of 2d/3d to convery alot of scenes in the small 5meg limit. I was really impressed.

Overall the entries were great. I really enjoyed alot of them. Some needed some help, but hey, I''m not in the contest based on the fact that I need help to start with =P

Really really good work to everyone. I really liked the contest, and the theme.

Take care,

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OMG thank you

I''ve been depressed all day because of various university stresses and your''ve just made my day awesome again :D

Now that I look at it though, I guess the blizzard scene doesn''t really look right... even though it''s 6 layers. ohh well (I''m still pretty happy with it though - drawing it to look as it is was a nightmare and a half.. 4 component dds files have lots of issues with edge artifacts..)

as for the bouncing, thats a physics engine I''m working on, and once I do get all the bugs totally crushed (that version is about 1 month old - and VERY buggy) you''ll all be the first to get it and go nuts with it - can''t wait to see what people can do actually :D

ohh, and totally off the topic...
I personally think these demos should all be .ace''d... not zipped... I get 3.6mb for my demo with ace... 5.8 with zip. (with code)

As for the other entries...
some honestly amazed me... some made me smile, while unfortunatly a lot really dissapointed me with their lack of original art, etc. Overall though, an amazing improvement over last year (not that last year was bad by any means..)
I can''t imagine what the winner for the 3rd LOTR''s movie contest will look like :D

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Speaking of those source entries, I really wonder why any of the data directories were included? I mean once you have the demo, you got all the data you need. That would cut the size of the source to around 200K MAX instead of some of those beasts at 7MB! Us dial-up people have a hard time with some of those big ones.

It will also save lots of MB on the gamedev server!

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Clancy: you wrote that my demo (vincent_david) worked bad. I guess you have an ATI Radeon card or equivalent.
I''m sorry, but I tested the demo on an ATI Radeon 7200 with the latest drivers and the display lists don''t work correctly ! When I disable display list, it''s ok. So how the hell a card that officially supports OpenGL 1.3.2500 can''t support correctly the display list feature which is part of OpenGL 1.1 !??

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Original post by Enigma
What happened to the other "what do you think of the entries" thread? I posted comments on the first nine demos a few hours ago and now it''s disappeared - I hope it wasn''t something I said!

If the other thread was deleted due to something I said in my post - please don''t delete this thread as well, just delete this post and let me know what it was I said that wasn''t appropriate.

LoL Sorry Enigma, but I deleted the thread, because everyone was saying that since there were 2 of the same threads, that 1 should be deleted. So I just deleted the thread I started (didn''t notice the other one)

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Ok , heres a repost of my thoughts on the first nine demos, plus part three of the critique:

Oh, forgot to mention - I watched all demos in 800 by 600, 32 bit colour, windowed or closest available options

Adam King
Font seemed a bit pixelated
Liked the balrog effect & ringwraiths
Timings were good
Tunnel didn''t really seem to fit

Alex Mizrahi
A bit simplistic
The dragon and the tree were very nicely done
It all went horribly wrong at the end - The ringwraith moved towards the door, twisted and moved back to his original position. This repeated a few times before he slipped through the floor and disappeared without sight!

Alexander Zaprjagaev
Nice ring but the text in the background went by a bit quickly
Landscape, lens flare & bird were very nice, trees were good too
Lava looked a bit simple
Castle was very nice
Material properties inside castle were very well done
Torches & palantir were very nice
A strong entry

Alexandre Couture
Shockwave was a nice idea - falling soldiers looked good but shockwave looked a bit odd
Sword was very nice
One of the best rings
Ring scene lasted a bit long
Lord of the Rings logo looked cut out (white borders)

Alexandre Jasmin
I''m afraid I didn''t really like this one - the speech bubbles went on far too long
Film effect at end was nice

Ananth Balasubramaniam
Font was nice but a bit on the small side
Fog effect was good
Gollum was nice
I would have cut it after the music reached crescendo instead of carrying on a few extra seconds
Scenes were a nice lengh

Baldur Scott Karlsson
Would have been nice if the logo had faded out instead of just cutting
Liked the cutting off of Saurons fingers
Linked the ringwraiths leaving Mordor
Moria scenes seemed to jump and cut a bit
What was ''hi!'' about in the last scene?
I liked the way you approached this - 3D modelling obviously isn''t your strength (please don''t take that the wrong way) so you went with your strengths instead.

Bruno Loff
You could see seams in the ground at the beginning
Hobbiton was very well built
Should the hobbit have been walking along the path instead of beside it?
Why did everything fade out as you entered the hobbit hole?
Like the smooth camera movement around the tower at Mount Doom
Fight scene was very well done but seemed to go on a bit long
Program performed an llegal operation after fight scene finished.
There was an option to play MP3 at demo startup but no MP3 file in download

Daniel Harrington
Very short but what was there was done well

Kiel Mark Gilleade
Feather was nicely done but I didn''t see the LOTR connection
Logo effect was very nicely done
The flashing green eyes on the Nazgul were a bit odd
Odd texture on the pillars in Moria - it looked like a water texture to me
The lidless eye was nicely done - although you lost the effect a bit at the end

Kristoffer Boman
Water looked a little basic
The reflections in the marble floor in the sword scene were nice
Effects as and after the sword reformed were very nice
Pity you didn''t manage to finish on time

Krzysztof Topolski
Models were good
Would have been better if the animations hadn''t repeated

Markus Ilmola
Very ambitious
Ring was nice
Liked side-on shot of orcs charging
It was a bit odd when people were fighting mid-air
Flying bodies were nice
I didn''t think Sauron was supposed to win!

Mauricio Garcia Serrano
Text morphing was nice
Water looked a bit simplistic
Sauron''s eye looked a bit odd - particles only went one way
Ring was nice but went on a bit long
Only worked one of the three times I ran it

Michael Hanslik
Trees weren''t properly masked at start
Butterflies were nice
Birds were nice but could have done with being textured
Terrain was impressive but I didn''t see the link with Lord of the Rings
Eye scene slowed down considerably and lasted a bit too long
Axe hitting ring at end was nice

Michael Pote
Loading scene was very nice
Nice ring
Mountains were good
Water looked a bit metallic
Door opening effect was very nice
It was all looking so good until it crashed hard just into the mines scene

Mike Samsonov
Gandalf was nicely done
Burning OpenGL logo was good
Font seemed to cut off the left hand side of each letter
Shadows sometimes disappeared suddenly
Forest was very nicely done
Holy place looked good but didn''t seem to have much to do with Lord of the Rings
Final Gandalf scene went on too long

Mircea Marghidanu
Nice ring
Radial blur effect seemed out of sync with ring

...accept rather than judge, that''s when...

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And here's parts 4 and 5:

Mirko Teran Ravnikar
Tunnel scene was odd - didn't see the Lord of the Rings link
Water was nice
Colours of table were a bit odd
Didn't like the spinning LOTR logo in the box - it detracted from the main scene
Eye was very nice but the bulges at the sides of the screen were a bit odd
What were the cogs in the terrain scene for?
Terrain was very nice
Snow looked good
Moria tomb scene looked a bit flat lit to me
Split screen in Moria chasm was very good
Wall texture on far chasm wall looked a bit over tiled
Very professional demo - strong entry

Mirsad Makalic
Never got beyond Loading Columns.scn... Lighting...

Nils Scheuschner
The doors opened and then there was a long period of blackness until the ring appeared

Paul Kitchin
Insert comment here

Paul Robello
Grey first letters looked a bit odd
Bouncing rings got stuck at edge of screen
Rings coming together and then flying apart was very nice
Lens flare effect at end was good

Peter Esculier
Instant Illegal operation box

Petr Stetina
Trees were good until viewed from a high angle
Palantir was nice
Building of army scene was nice, but the far clip plane was set too near to start with

Richard Glass
Very short
Tower was nice
Ground was good but texture was a bit tiled

Robert Merrison
Nice idea
Went a bit slowly - got a bit boring
Kept the dots on the route very well

Rudolf Florian
Ring text was pixelated
Ring looked quite good
Very short

Sharif Elcott
Rings were very nice
Voice didn't quite fit
Trees seemed to be spaced a bit too regularly
Liked the way the trees lost their leaves
Ring in lava was cool
Possibly the best demo so far

Shree Kumar
Curved text was nicely done
Music cut and restarted a bit suddenly
You could tell that the sky was a box
I liked the last bit of text - nice touch

Stein Nygaard
Fog was used to good effect
Candle looked cool
Didn't seem to have much to do with Lord of the Rings, except the ring.

Stephen Cook
Camera was a bit jerky
Liked the way the camera went round the trees, not through them
Camera stopped suddenly and then started again, seemingly for no reason
River edges were too straight
Waterfall and rocks in river looked good
Lava was nice - particles could have done with having a texture on them.

Steven Winsor
Droplets falling in water were very nice
A bit repetative and went on a bit long

Troy Moure
Skull was a bit odd
Liked the range of scenes - timing was good

Valdemar Rorbech
Metaballs looked good
Complex shapes didn't join up properly
Vast majority of the stuff had nothing to do with Lord of the Rings

Vincent David
Very short
The way the ring appeared was nice
Maybe would have been better if the ring was bigger and/or in the centre of the screen

William Brander
Nice idea
Ground was pixelated
Camera jerked about at end of trees

...we'll be effectively engaging with...

[edited by - Enigma on May 2, 2002 6:13:14 PM]

[edited by - Enigma on May 2, 2002 6:43:59 PM]

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fav demo here is Rorbech''s (funny) and Brebion''s (look good) demo.

Ravnikar''s demo is nice but too much out topic IMO. if it would not be a Lord Of The Rings Contest, then his demo would be my fav.

Esculier''s source code compiles a weird executable (giving an instant failure msg box) but the executable (in the exe zip, not the src zip) works great, very good demo too.

the best In-topic demo is certainly Merrison''s demo ! but it didn''t use any OGL features..

Loff''s demo crashed at the end. very good game engine.

Schaeppi''s demo look pretty weird on my video card due to zfighting.. stencil buffer should be working i think but stil look weird.. but in overall, it looks good (poor Grandhalf at the end )

have good votes everyone!

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For me, the most professional and best looking demo so far is the one from Sharif Elcott.
The rendering is fine, the ring models are great and it''s a great idea to use the songs recorded by tolkien.

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I think all entries that didn''t obey the rules, should be disqualified. That means that all the copyright violators will be out of luck, and it is their own fault for doing this.

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I must say that there are some real good demos. Ilmola''s was fun to watch. But there are some pretty boring ones too. I think it is not the spirit of this contest to tell the whole story of L.O.T.R. but to use the possibilities of open GL to create awesome graphics. Then there was a really good one. Exceptionally good. This daniel schaeppi knows what he''s doing. When some say that the animations at the end are not solid work... Well I haven''t seen better ones in this contest... Over all I enjoyed to watch those demos a lot. I hope to find some interesting demos in future contests too.

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