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Noob gaming questions.

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I have just some quick questions about game programming. I read somewhere that a game was just one giant loop. Does that mean that when you look at any games source code it will start with a loop, have lots of code inside then the end of that loop? Do you have to do things outside of that loop? On a big project, say programming something like a pro GBA game like Golden Sun. Is it possible for one programmer to do the entire thing (excluding art, sound etc.)? Or do you need many programmers to make something like that. What about large projects like FFX, just a rough estimate would be appriciated. How long would it take to right just the pure code for both Golden Sun and FFX? Thanks in advance.

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Im still new but:

yes there is generally a main loop which in very very basic form looks like (dont hate me cos i get it wrong):

accept input

repeated over and over. Yeah I guess for some games one single person can program it, although im not aware about hte gba, particularly as its all in Assembler and I dont know a lot about it I can''t say exactly
And, sorry I can''t make an estimate for a game like FFX, I also would be interested in knowing.

What about me? What about Raven?

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Take a look at any professional game manual in the past few years. At the end of it should be a list of the development team. Remember that most games are in development for a couple of years.

A game like FFX or Golden Sun would take a very, very long time to be coded by one person. And that doesn''t include the times when having multiple eyes looking at each step of the way catches problems that will arise later in development.

Your best bet is to get very good at one particular part of making a game (programming, graphics, AI, level design, etc) and not bad at the rest of them. That should increase your chances of being hired by a game company.


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The (simplified) layout of a game is something like this:

>Start game loop.

Get input from user
Other processing

Render graphics to screen.

< end game loop.
Clean up resources

A game like the two you mentioned usually have teams of developers ranging in numbers of about 10 and 50, and they have million dollar budgets.

I''ve seen some cool games made by small teams/individuals but for small tems/individuals to make comercial quality games (though not quite unrealistic) it would take a long time and a lot of skill.

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hey terabyte, made a account here though i dont know where i can talk, everyone here is programmers so it leaves designers like myself out......boohoo, lol

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