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The maths... (Part 2)

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Right... I have spent all day browsing the net, looking for tutorials. I have looked at Flipcode, I have looked at physics tutorials..and I even had my girlfriend helping me a lil. So far I understand that a vector represents a translation as such. It has an origin a direction and a magnitude.. ?? Am I correct ? Now I don''t wanna jump the gun here, and I do wanna work on this.. I know I need this for 3D Graphics... Earlier today I did make a post asking about where I should go to find tutorials. Now over 12 hours later I am pleading for some assistance. A) Are there any easier tutorials for me to learn from.. the flipcode one is good.. but it moved to Multiplication and dot and cross products.. and I got lost.. B) Could someone, in REALLY simple terms outline vectors overall including vector arithmetic (Adding and Subtracting I think I have down) C) Am I correct in thinking (Before I even go to Matrices) that matrices are sets of vectors??? Sorry for being retarded.. I am capable of understanding.. honest i am

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or (but this is more about matrices):

best solution is to find a math teacher and have him/her reccomend a good math textbook.


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