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Dev-C++ and compiling...

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I use dev-c++ and when I make my sdl programs, they compile fine but in the linker it says there is an undefined reference to all the functions, so I can''t ruun the programs. Is there something I''m doing wrong? Please help

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Don't know if you do something wrong, because you didn't say what you did.

I'll decribe how it works for me:
In project options under "Further blabla linker options" you have to fill in
-lmingw32 -lSDLmain -lSDL
(also you may want to check do not create a console, but that is not imporatant now.)

Now the linker will look in the Dev-C++/Lib directory to find the files libSDLmain.a and libSDL.a (libmingw32.a is already on it's spot during instalation of devc++). So the question is, where did you put these??? If they are in the Lib directory then it is ok, else you have to go to "tools-compiler options" and add the directory where they are to the Libraries directory (at the very bottom).

Then they should link.....

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