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sprintf Question (Weird)

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Im making a SDL game engine and for the init of the graphics I want to load some information into the screen structure. //the cWidth,cHeight,cBPP are all char[3] //Set Screen structure variables. Screen.Width=Width; sprintf(Screen.cWidth,"%d",Screen.Width); Screen.Height=Height; sprintf(Screen.cHeight,"%i",Screen.Height); Screen.BPP=BPP; sprintf(Screen.cBPP,"%d",Screen.BPP); SDL_VideoDriverName(Screen.VideoDriver,10); It compiles fine but the output is cWidth = 1027688 cHeight=7688 cBPP=8 It should be cWidth=1024, cHeight=768, and cBPP=8 Im think I need to clear some buffer or something because it seems to merge them together. Any ideas?

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char[3] isn''t big enough. It can only hold two characters (plus a null terminator). Try using char[5] instead.

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using char[3]: // screen dimensions of 640x480
cHeight[0] = ''4'';
cHeight[1] = ''8'';
cHeight[2] = ''0'';
cHeight[3] = ''\0''; // oops!

Use char[4], at least. Also, any reason why you''re using "%d" in some places and "%i" in others?

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Thanks to Kylotan for the idea!

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