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Textures problem with debug version

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The debug mode write me : Direct3D8: (WARN) :Texture cache thrashing. Removing MRU texture. ... Direct3D8: (ERROR) :all Freed no further video memory available Direct3D8: (ERROR) :The resource manager failed to promote or update a dirty texture. The texture will be disabled. Why in my prog, the textures aren''t shown? Whereas with the Retail version of directX, it''s work with Textures. Thanks.

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1. as mentioned, you have too much texture. What sizes are your textures ? try reducing their size, and/or using compressed (DXTn/S3TC) textures.

2. have you been changing any of the texture eviction priorities ? if you''ve ''demanded'' that all textures are of high priority it could screw things up.

3. Have you tried D3DCREATE_DISABLE_DRIVER_MANAGEMENT for CreateDevice ?

4. Are your textures square and power-of-2 in dimension ? - if they aren''t you might be making life difficult for the texture manager.

5. Try using mipmaps - it''s extremely likely that textures which are so big they kill the texture manager are *always* being minified - a smaller level in the chain may be able to be uploaded instead of the full-size one.

Simon O''Connor
Creative Asylum Ltd

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