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Textures missing

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I've made a small game that is played top down. The camera can zoom in and out. When I draw an explosion with a textured quad and the camera is zoomed out everything looks fine, when I draw the same explosion but the camera is zoomed in on the explosion then I lose the textures. The explosion becomes all white and blocky. Why is this and what can be done to fix it? I didn't have this problem with my previous graphic card (pci tnt2 ultra). The bugg came up when I bought my new GF4 ti4400. It uses the same drivers as my tnt2 card did (Detonator 28.32). The only couse I can come up with is that I am now using Anisotropic filtering (gf4) instead of Bilinear (tnt2) or that there is something wrong with the mipmaps.. [edited by - Herr_O on May 1, 2002 11:13:47 AM]

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