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Huhu!! Oesi!!! Erde an Programmierer, der wo nicht programmieren kann!!

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uhhh, if you put the post up in english, maybe more people can help you. I, for one, don''t know any german.

"Remember, I'm the monkey, and you're the cheese grater. So no fooling around."
-Grand Theft Auto, London

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Someone help me, my foot is stuck in the vacumn cleaner again and I lost my English-German dictionary so I can''t call an ambulance, damn I wish I took the time to learn English before moving over here.

(PS: this translation was totally made up, and only works if the person who posted the original message doesn''t live in Germany (he/she probably do since German seems to be their primary language), and that they do live in an English speaking country.)


"Who says computer games affect kids, imagine if PacMan affected us as kids, we'd all sit around in a darkened room munching pills and listening to repetitive music....uh oh!"

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...or as''s translator says:
"Huhu!! Oesi!!! Earth at programmers, where not"

God, I love "intelligent" translator programs. =)

Daniel Netz, Sentinel Design

"I'm not stupid, I'm from Sweden" - Unknown

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