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File handling problems again.

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This is supposed to look for an object (Object) in a text file. First of all (using geline) I look for the room. Then I take in the object name (which stands under the room name in the textfile). If Object = objecttxt, then I take in the object info and print it to the screen. I can compile it without an error, but it does''t work when I run it (or rather, it does nothing). I''ve checked all the strings and they contain the correct information when the code that I''ve included here is initiated. What am I doing wrong? (ifstream fhi) while (GetInfoCheck == true){ getline(fhi, temp, ''\n''); if (temp == currentroom){ fhi >> objecttxt; if (objecttxt == Object){ GetInfoCheck = false; getline(fin, temp, ''*''); system("cls"); cout << room.strRoomDescription; cout << "\n\n\n\n" << temp; }

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Original post by Rimrok
I am using strcmp.... the compiling runs smooth without any error.. It''s kinda disturbing

.... And you know that strcmp returns 0 (i.e. false) when the strings are identical? *just checking*

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Is that the *actual* code that you have posted? Can you produce a small compilable example of the code that is causing a problem? If so, then post it here and we''ll have a better chance of spotting your problem. There''s too many unknowns in what you''ve posted so far.

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Guest Anonymous Poster

catfoodgood: Yes it is opening correctly, and how do I error check it accept checking the messages?

Ksero: Actually, I don''t know what I''m talking about, just guessing.

SabreMan: Ok, but how do I put the code in thoose code windows I''ve seen people doing here?

*Feeling like a total idiot*
But, if you don''t ask, you don''t learn!

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Rimrok, I wasn''t trying to be disparaging. When helping someone on a board like this, it''s difficult/impossible to know how much the other person knows. I was just trying to be helpful, though in hindsight, maybe it was a bit too simple...
And the source boxes... check out the forum faq... you write
source goes here!
just flip the brackets around, like []

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Ksero: Don''t missunderstand me! I''m really greatful for all help I can get! I made fun of myself, because I really didn''t know what I was talking about when I said that I''m using strcmp, I''m that much of a newbie

Anyway, here''s the code:

First of all you need to create the test.txt file.
It should look like this:



#include <iostream>
#include <fstream>
#include <string>
#include <windows.h>
using namespace std;

void main(){
ifstream fget;
bool GetInfoCheck = true;
string temp, currentroom, objecttxt, object, objectdiscription;"test.txt");
if({ cout << "There is something wrong with the .txt file!"; return;}

cout << "Which room do you whant to search in? \n\n: ";
cin >> currentroom;
//Now Iv''e got the room name that I whant to search for.

cout << "\n\n What do you whant to look for? \n\n: ";
cin >> object;
//Gets the object to search for.


while (GetInfoCheck == true){
getline(fget, temp, ''\n'');
if (temp == currentroom){
fget >> objecttxt;
if (objecttxt == object){
GetInfoCheck = false;
getline(fget, objectdiscription, ''*'');
cout << "\n\n\n\n" << objectdiscription;
else if(objecttxt == "<objend>"){ cout << "\n\nCouldn''t find that object in " << currentroom << "."; Sleep(1500); GetInfoCheck = false;}
else if(temp == "<end>"){ cout << "\n\nCouldn''t find " << currentroom << "."; Sleep(1500); GetInfoCheck = false;}

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Ok, now this is disturbing... The code that I've posted here runs flawless. But it won't work when I use it as a function in a larger project. I give the function the name of the room and the name of the object, but it can't find it... The wierd thing is, when i print the name of the room/object inside the function, they look like they are supposed to... hmm...

I've solved it now... Havn't got the time to explain...

[edited by - Rimrok on May 2, 2002 12:51:48 PM]

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