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Secondary Education to become Game Developer

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Hello, I am a High School junior, and have a big question about what my future of education should be if I want to become a successful GameDeveloper. I live in Florida, and want to go to school here. If you aren''t familiar with "FullSail - Real World Entertainment", it is a school focusing on media. It has an Associate of Science degree specifically for Game Development and Design. I am considering this course, but I don''t know whether to suppliment that with something else. I am also considering majoring in "Computer Engineering - focusing on Software Engineering" at the University of Central Florida. Would that be the right major for a prospective Game Developer? Also, would it be wise to go to FullSail, then UCF? Or vice vera? On a side note, what is the average income of a Game Developer? And what career options are available for a "Software Engineer"? Can Game Development stem from a software engineering Degree? Thanks! Justin

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