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Console in Windows Programming

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Tac-Tics    197
I''m new to Windows programming. My problem is I need to somehow printout to a console while I test out some stuff in OpenGL. cout and printf don''t work, so how can I simulate a console? Any help = thnx.

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kenwi    122
You could read thru some of the tutorials at, he has good tutorials about making and printing fonts. And there''s coming a tutorial about making a console similar to those seen in the quake series( and all fps with some selfrespect in "short" time.. I suggest you go read the font tutorials now =) good luck

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Oluseyi    2103
Alternatively, create a console app (entry point main and all) and then use Win32 functions from there, getting the effects of the above-referenced article for free (cout, cin, cerr instantiated to represent appropriate console buffers/strams).

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Thanks to Kylotan for the idea!

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