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Ports not gone forever?

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I am unhappy with the ports. Most of them are incomplete, most of them are missing textures, a few of them did not work, and many of them are a mess in general.
Well, I think at least the Delphi ports where good. One thing I want to say to NeHe : The ports may not all be very good, but will you PLEASE at the very least make them available again, although maybe not offered as primary source to learn from? At least until the payed ports come out? Pretty please with sugar on top? I think those ports where a huge added value to your site...

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Yeah, I know Nehe has a lot to endure.
Thats part of being popular.
Ranting to your public doesnt help much and as one good piece of advice for Nehe...just let the people whine
You can never please everybody, thats part of being a webmaster of such a succesful site.
Just ignore the whiners.

Your contests and site are A++
Just dont rant to your fans, doesnt help

And bring back the ports plz :-)

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