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Hello All, Just a quick question of your opinions. I''m just starting to work on an engine for an rpg game, but i''m trying to decide. I have few resources on writing 2d isometric style programming, but it is easier to create and manipulate than 3d. However, i have much documentation and material on 3d and you can do a whole lot more with it. But it is much more complex. Seeing as this is my first engine, and i doubt much it will do anything for now, should i put all my effort into something 3d? or work on a 2d tile-based rpg game for starters? commando_337

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IMO this decision depends on many factors:
* your programming skills: to get a 3d engine up and running at a decent frame rate is harder than for a 2d engine
* the time-amount you want to invest. 3d probably needs more time until the you get the first results than 2d
* the art: 2d needs to "compensate" the 3rd dimension by a good art
* the tools you have (or the experience in using them)
* last but not least, your personal taste. If you tend to 3d, but start a 2d just because you''re "affraid" (hmm..this is not the right word) of 3d, you''d probably be soon pi**ed and wouldn''t finish it

Actually there is no rule saying that a good game *must* be 3d. Look at Diablo for an instance (I & II). They''re both 2d (ok, the engine is 2d. The models were created with Max, IIRC)

I wish you good luck

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