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md2 precision problem

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I want to include pivots (whatever you call them, I want the position and rotation) in my md2 file. For instance a pivot that I can replace by a weapon (a whole other md2 file with no animations) in the game. My though was to at every characters frame 1 include the triangle (which will work as my pivot) at a certain placement... Then in the code I can just check what face has those coordinates an remember that as the pivot... There might be easier ways, but I couldn''t even get this to work because I found out md2''s lack of precision... Well, maybe it''s not md2''s fault... I''m using 3dsmax with qtip... There are of course still ways of doing this despite my precision problem... but still it feels like I''m way off, am I?

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yeah, md2 is not really meant to do things like that. if you look at other models you will notice that the weapon md2s are actually created and animated to match the actor md2 model. the reason is to correctly handle all animations. your idea is a good one, but its slightly skewed.

you cant use a single triangle in the first frame to properly animate a weapon attached to a model unless you have a skeletal based animation system. md2s dont support this, which is why i will suggest either using hl mdls, or place the triangle in all frames of animation, but dont draw it.

its not really the md2 format deficency, its more that you are trying to take a shortcut. take a look at some vwep models, and get an idea of how models should look and behave. most of them have seperate weapon models that are properly offseted for all the animations. easily done if you can export a selection in 3dsmax (never used it, too expensive). then you create and animate the entire model, then export the actual actor and the weapon seperatly.

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