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Posted - 2 May 2002 1:58:29 PM Umm, did you people read the utter BS in the news?? "1st Amendment Troubles Ahead" This mf-er is trying to ruin video games for ALL of us, not one type of genre, not a certain company. THE WHOLE INDUSTRY.. Like when joe leiberman tried to ban violence from games, but 100000 times worse. What are we going to do ? Sit here and LET him do it? I dont think so.. If you have any feelings for games, art, free speech you will not stand for this. How can this guy try to say games are any differnet from movies, books, anything? It makes no sense, but somehow, its been ruled, and could be enforced on us people who try to write games. I say we do whatever we possibly can to battle this crap because if we dont they will take games away from us and who knows whats next! Do the people not have a voice in this country/world or can one corny judges biased, BS opinion really destroy an entire entertainment industry?? Its up to us to decide, and I dont know about you people, but I like games way too much to let some old fart take them away from me! Anyone have any ideas as to what we can actually do? -DA

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Listen, dipshit. Don''t fucking cross-post, and stay fucking on-topic. This shit belongs in the Lounge, and the fact that you posted it three different times doesn''t make me any happier.

I''m watching you.

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Thanks to Kylotan for the idea!

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