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UART loopback problem

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hello Recently, I was messing with UART programming for DOS, enjoying it... The problem I encountered was that I activated the loop back mode and I set that on a data arrival an interrupt will be generated, so I send bytes well but I don''t receive them at all. Well to be honest, when I send the first byte since I turned on the computer I receive it but I don''t receive other bytes, till I reset the comp. So I thought I was ack''ing the PIC, which I did. Or maybe the UART itself but I read the Interrupt ID register and the Status register. (Is it enough?) Or maybe you can''t just actiavete loop back mode with interrupt driven method together, because the OUT2(enables IRQ) is connected to the DCD(so interrupts are disabled) internally. What you say? (it works on other computer that I checked...) I don''t get it.. wanted to hear what you guys have to say Thanks Arkon [QSoft]