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Dark Rain

A UML question

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I was wondering if anyone could point me to a ressource that explains how to represent : a) A scenario of a use case b) A dynamic model (I dont even know what this one is) I''ve been searching on google for about 2 hours and I couldnt find much useful infos. The OMG uml specification didnt help much either.

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The following Adobe PDF documents are written by Robert C. Martin and hosted by Object Mentor.

UML - Use Case Diagrams:
Use Case Tutorial

UML - Dynamic Diagrams:
UML Collaboration Diagrams
UML Sequence Diagrams

You may find this article useful as well:
UML Finite State Machine Diagrams (Activity Diagrams)


Dire Wolf

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Thanks for the help but I there didnt seem to be any infos on scenarios.

I think I might have a miss conception of what a scenario is. The way it was explained to me, it was a "path" a use case could take.

Say we have this use case :

Use Case 1: Sales Clerk checks out an item
1. Customer sets item on counter.
2. Sales clerk swipes UPC reader across UPC code on item
3. System looks up UPC code in database procuring item description and price
4. System emits audible beep.
5. System announces item description and price over voice output.
6. System adds price and item type to current invoice.
7. System adds price to correct tax subtotal

Alternatives :
2-a : invalid UPC code, display error msg.

So, a scenario here, would be a when the clerk swipe the item and its invalid.

Did I get that right? If so, is there a formalism to represent scenario like use cases?

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