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AppWizard Linker Error

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I’m new to DirectX but have done C++ and some openGL for about 7 months now. I only downloaded the DX8.1 sdk a few days ago and have been reading through the tutorials. Anyway, I tried to make a project with the AppWizard but without making any changes I got the following Linker error. --------------------Configuration: Test - Win32 Debug-------------------- Compiling resources... Compiling... Test.cpp dxutil.cpp d3dapp.cpp d3dutil.cpp d3dfile.cpp d3dfont.cpp dmutil.cpp diutil.cpp Linking... LINK : error : Internal error during ReadSymbolTable ExceptionCode = C0000005 ExceptionFlags = 00000000 ExceptionAddress = 00462730 NumberParameters = 00000002 ExceptionInformation[ 0] = 00000000 ExceptionInformation[ 1] = 0052C990 CONTEXT: Eax = FFFFFFFF Esp = 0012E6B0 Ebx = 00000000 Ebp = 004EE478 Ecx = 00727FF4 Esi = 00007CA4 Edx = 000012C9 Edi = 40004B6C Eip = 00462730 EFlags = 00010202 SegCs = 0000001B SegDs = 00000023 SegSs = 00000023 SegEs = 00000023 SegFs = 00000038 SegGs = 00000000 Dr0 = 0012E6B0 Dr3 = 00000000 Dr1 = 004EE478 Dr6 = 00727FF4 Dr2 = 00000000 Dr7 = 00000000 Error executing link.exe. Tool execution canceled by user. Somehow I think the wizard is supposed to produce code that actually compiles. I’ve never seen an error like this before. The sample programs compile OK just not ones I create with the AppWizard. If I specify that I don’t want any DirectX components it compiles OK but is not very useful. I’m using Visual C++ 6.0 with SP5 DX SDK 8.1

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