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Optimizing vertexbuffers and more

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Swede    122
I''m wondering what kind of optimizations you can perform to krank up the performance of your app. I can imagine that sorting vertices in a vertexbuffer in a certain way would be good, but how? Are there any articels on this? What kind of optimizations do Mesh->Optimize() do? Please point me toward any other areas that I should look into!

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JonnyVix    122
I spent (and still spending) some time on this...
I can say you may try one of the following.
Maybe you wont see any good results with small scenes
but with a lot of stuff running (eg a full ''map'') you''ll
see a great framerate enanchement...

- Avoid drawing objects wich are not in view range
- Avoid re-assigning textures that you have already
used for the previous object.
- Try to put all objects that use the same effects in
the same queue position so that you do not have to change
renderstates continuosly
- Remove faces that you''ll never draw (eg a column placed near
a wall : no one will see the back face ever)...


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JonnyBoy    122
Make sure you do Optimise on your meshes. As I understand it this is a driver side function, and so the effect is different per card, but the results are a lot. Also make sure your mesh is stored in GFX ram, not system ram. Doing both of these will give a significant boost.

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