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Free DirectInput library

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I've just completed the DirectInput part of my TrueFX library (a support library for games, concentrating on not-so-often available features like scripting etc.). It supports any DirectInput compatible device, offers key binding like seen in quake (ex. Bind("Keyboard", "Space", "Fire")) and cursored line editing with linebuffer walking like old doskey (for consoles and such) It comes with full source and is absolutely free (modify it, integrate it, use it in commercials, do whatever you want). There's also an example and you can find minapps using truefx for genesis3d and jet3d on the page. -Markus- Edited by - Cygon on 3/8/00 6:26:40 AM

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Hey Cygon,
Sorry for going off topic, but have you ever heard of a small village in Germany called Gerjets or Gerjets castle?

I''m going to be in Germany next week on vacation, and that is the small town of my wife''s ancestor''s. We would like to visit it, but we haven''t been able to find it.

On topic:
Have you thought about adding to another open source libray, like CDX?

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Gerjets or Gerjets castle ? (where''s the difference ?), never heard of it.
I''ve looked on a map, but I didn''t even find anything sounding similar... Anyway, my map only contains german names, perhaps that''s the cause, if it helps you, the translation would be "Gerjets Schloss" or "Gerjets Burg"
(btw gerjets doesn''t sound like a german name)
Well, good luck, I hope you''ll find it

I''ve had a look at CDX some months ago, afaik it is more a layer providing functions doing nearly the same as DX, just easier to handle, while my library offers complete management of DirectInput for example.
I''d definately be lucky if people like those from CDX would find interest in my library, but there are 2 things why I don''t want to join an OpenSource project myself (at least not now) :

First is I''m planning to use the TrueFX project as demonstration to get a job at a software manufacturer (know X-Beyond the Frontier -> ?)

Second, imho OpenSource projects quickly start getting very big, with lots of half-implemented features, soon-to-be fixed bugs (and when they are fixed there are already new ones from the new additions) and such.
About one year ago I''ve worked a bit on CrystalSpace, I you''ve seen that code you know what I mean

But as I''ve written in my first message, anyone can do anything with my library, so if someone likes to adopt it into his project, I am willing to help and contribute!


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