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Question about 3DS/3D Studio Max/OpenGL

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Hey, I''ve thought up a problem in my head. I''m not sure if it works or not, cause I don''t have the engine source yet. But anyway, I''ll get onto my problem... I was looking for a good way to make terrains in a OpenGL engine. First we went to heightmapping, then to using 3ds files. The problem I''m having is the only way I can find to make good looking terrains is with this tutorial: http://www.saunalahti.fi/ops/tutorial/landscape/landscape.htm But with that, it''s not 1 terrain, it''s 3. One solid with a rock texture, one right above it with a grass texture and some opacity, and another above that with some greyscale clouds and some opacity to give it some variety. This is what I came up with: http://m-hed2000.hypermart.net/screen1.jpg. My questions are: 1. Will it look like that in the engine, or will I have to add code to use the opacity? 2. Is there any way to apply textures like that onto just one mesh in 3D Studio Max? Thanks alot, any replies would be appreciated.

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You can use the composite material to add all three layers to a single mesh with 3ds max. Your game engine will need to support multitexturing and opacity to see this in the OpenGL engine. Instead of using a gradient ramp function like the tutorial does you should create opacity bitmaps and set them as the alpha channel in your texture. Many engines use .tga files because they support an alpha channel.

In summary, to see the results in the game engine you''ll need 3 maps total with alpha channels and support for multitexturing.


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Guest Anonymous Poster
ok step 1 :draw terrain in photo shop 6
2 :inport file as jpeg into bryce 5
terrain eddeter,play abit then save file as bitmap image.
3 :go into 3d max modify panel rollout and inport image
in bryce 5 and photo shop 6 make textures,then inport bitmap into 3d max material editor.


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