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WhyMe    122
Anytime I try to compile something with any component of directX I get a link error: C:\Program Files\DevStudio\VC\LIB\ddraw.lib : fatal error LNK1106: invalid file or disk full: cannot seek to 0x389bc793 Error executing link.exe. The helpfile for LNK1106 says there is one of three things wrong, I need to free up disk space, I need to not link over a network, or I have a bad disk. I have 20GB free space, I''m not on a network, and I did a scan of my HD and there are no bad sectors. Can anyone help?

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LessBread    1415
According to

* This problem has also been observed when using Visual Studio 5, which was running without any Visual Studio service pack applied. When using Visual Studio 5 this error can be caused by an internal bug in Visual Studio. In this instance applying Visual Studio service pack 3 cured the problem.
* A corrupt ‘.lib’ file could (presumably) produce this problem.

So perhaps the application of a service pack is in order? You can get those from MS I believe.

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