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loading spf files, each having diffrent palettes

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Im currently developing an rpg and up until now all the sprite files ive been using, in spf format, have followed what id imagine to be the standard 256 color vga palette. The individual i have doing the art for this game sent me the tile set for our tavern. I noticed however that in the particular image, there are 6 diffrent shades of brown used in the wood, but in the 256 color palette ive been using there is about 2 shades of brown. I researched this and found out that perhaps he used a diffrent palette, one that is original to that particular set of tiles. H ehasnt gotten back to me about this yet, but lets say it is a diffrent palette, what kind of code do i use to load an spf file if its palette is diffrent from other sprites in the game. By the way this is written entirely in C, 256 color vga graphics. It looks similar to an SNES rpg. Any help, advice or answers are greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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