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moving an line the way its pointing

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ok... so right now i have a line and it rotates within a circle when i press the left and right keys... i want it to move is the direction that its pointing... so if the line goes from 20,80 to 50,50 and when i push my up arrow i want the line to move in the direction its pointing to... i was thinking of using the slope of the line and stuff... but i dunno... if u know how to do this plz help

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Well.. It''s fairly easy..

the direction would be defined with the X and Y axis.. As I''ve understood the line rotates when you press right and left. I would call that the heading, right? Left and right arrowkey add and substract from the heading. we make a variable called heading. When you press forward you want it to go in the direction you''ve rotated in, this gives something like this.

if (keys[VK_UP]) {
position.x+= cos(heading*piover180)* movementspeed;
position.y+= sin(heading*piover180)* movementspeed;

and that''s about it.. piover180 is a constant used to translate radians into degrees cause sin and cos function only returns in radians.. you use movementspeed to increase the speed of movement because as we know cos and sin does only vary between -1 and 1.. Hope this help you a little on the way.
Btw: I''ve might be wrong in the usage of cos and sin on the x and y axis.. if I''ve done that you only swap them

Good Luck!

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Since you already know what the start and end points of the line are you could also try this:




This will move the line(X1,Y1,X2,Y2) in the direction of the second point(X2,Y2) at a speed of Speed.

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ok i haven''t tried implemeting that last one... but im asumming it works right now...

one thing i dont know how to deal with is if my speed is only 1 pixel... the distance moved will get lost in the rounding everytime...

like it my point would go from 50 to 49.8 ... how can i deal with this?

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Store the numbers internally as float, then truncate to integer to draw ... this way ... if you are moving 0.25 pixels each frame you will be at 0, 0.25, 0.50, 0.75, 1.0 etc ... so your object would be drawn at 0, 0, 0, 0, 1 ... so even though you don''t see movement every frame, the world remembers the position accurately.

Also, if you''d rather round ... a quit way to round a float to an int is to add 0.5 before casting ...


float f1 = 7.45;
float f2 = 7.51;
int i1 = f1 + 0.5; // yields 7.95 which is 7
int i2 = f2 + 0.5; // yields 8.01 which is 8

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