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Com architecture around directX

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Hello my name is clement and i just begin to learn directX7. I have a question for you: I do not understand why when i use a LPDIRECTDRAW7 object in a program, i have to call the QueryInterface methode of a LPDIRECTDRAW object to be able after to use the LPDIRECTDRAW7 method!!! It''s hurting me because, if i whant to use the method of a LPDIRECTDRAW object, i do not have to do this strange manipulation. I had read the DirectX help provided with the SDK, but i still do not understand. Does i HAVE TO DO this manipulation (I mean call queryinterface...), to acces LPDIRECTDRAW7 methods?? I think i have a problem of comprehension with the COM oriented architecture of directX. Please help me. Clement vidal .

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