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Strange bug (compability problem)

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When I compile my program at school, my "game" runs without problem. But, when I compile it and runs it at home, the bitmaps I blit on the backbuffer get distorted. It looks like a badly adjusted TV-set. Both machines are using MS Visual Studio C++ 6.0 to compile the code. DX8 is installed on both. Machine at school is a Pentium pro 200 Mhz 32 RAM unknown graphics card My machine is a Pentium III 866Mhz 256 RAM with GeForce256 The strange thing is that I belive the code worked at home too in the beginning. The code used are from André LaMothes "Windows Game Programming for Dummies" which have been slightly modified (no BOB''s). I am running the application in 256 colors. Anyone have any suggestions what might be wrong??

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Your problem is that your graphics cards are different on your two computers. On one graphics card, ddsd.dwWidth is equal to ddsd.lPitch, and on the other it''s not... I had this same problem, except on both of my computers. At least one place where there will be a problem is in Scan_Image_Bitmap(). Inside the function is a line of code dest_ptr+=(ddsd.dwWidth);
If you replace this with dest_ptr+=(ddsd.lPitch); it should solve your problem. This may occur in other functions, but I dont know because I have not used the whole engine. Good luck.


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