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Help with level editing

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Im making a 2D platform game at the moment, similar to earthworm jim or Donkey Kong. It has a huge scrolling background consisting of two Surfaces that are 640x800 each.
Ive made it so when the level moves, the far background moves only slightly, resulting in a mario like effect.
Ill give u the source function if u want.

As for the actual level the sprites'' walk on, its comprised of two hundred 32x32 tiles (640x480), which when put together make up platforms and walls.
I have a built in level editor that edits the tiles on the fly (in-game), just click on a tile, and u can copy+paste, or increment/decrement its tile number, then hit F5 and it saves it to the lvl file. cool stuff.

I have the source code for a DOS based mario game someone made, if u want it.

( )

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