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What RPG''s are you guys and girls making? I am making a RPG/adventure called StarLander and after I finish that I''m going to start an anime RPG/adventure game called Airkyo. There will be 5 versions of this game.(Anime = Japanese cartoon) BTW, (By the way) I will not have sex, cursing, and other bad things Japanese animes have. It''ll be a "straight" game.

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Mine will be a Tolken-esque game called "Lore World" (working title -- will almost definitely change) with dragons, dungeons, and quite a few of my own creations. The game will look like standard fare (with slightly better graphics , but hopefully my back-end motivation-based AI will make it a unique and very replayable experience.

In my game, every NPC will think on their own. If they just "do their job", they do it because they "choose" to (when the character was created, he was told to want to live a mundane life). Motivations can change over time (to emulate real life), so Joe the Shopkeeper might decide one day to become an adventurer, seemingly out of the blue (but not... he simply decided over time that the world of sword and sorcery appealed to him more than his boring life). NPC''s also interact with each other just like your character does (OK, so they won''t bother constructing a sentence to talk to each other, but you get the idea ), so reaction checks and stuff like that still apply (an NPC will refuse to talk to another NPC just as quickly as with you if he doesn''t like the NPC for some reason (or the NPC can straight out lie if need be))

Anyway, whenever I have something useful, I''ll post it for everyone to try.


Chris Rouillard
Software Engineer

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I like to hear people talk about their games AI. And what you said about some NPC''s might not wanna talk to one another that''s something that shows in a game called Jet Force Gemini for N64. One guy won''t talk to you unless you''ve transformed into a tribal.

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